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Broadband policy in the works?

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Finally a real push to bring broadband to the masses, I mean deploying fiber to every province! Not the way that big telcos bring connectivity to wherever a profit can be had. But the way federal policymakers view railroad service; e.g. there may be some unprofitable routes to the outlying areas, but if it benefits Thailand as a whole then the government is right to try to provide it.

And kudos to all involved in getting the Thai-Laos railway link opened this week. Critics will point out that Thailand footed the bill, but they will quickly be silenced as the obvious benefits start to be realized by those on both sides of the Mekong.

Anyway back to the point, Thailand’s Committee on ICT Business published results from a study suggesting that all 76 provinces could get fiber for slightly more investment than the government currently pays to lease TOT and CAT Telecom fibre-optic networks. The main difference – this is not a one-year benefit, but rather a serious investment in the future of Thailand’s Internet economy. เร็ว เร็ว ครับ