Kanom Crok ขนมครก

Written by mdw on December 17th, 2010

The making of kanom crok

Kanom Crok being cooked

Why on earth would anyone write about these sweet little snacks called kanom crok? You can find them in many places on the streets of Bangkok, all that’s required are those cast iron plates with round indentations.

They’re made by putting one of these plates over a fire, and filling the small sections with a sweet coconut mixture. Cook and eat.

Usually you can buy a dozen or so in a small box for around 15 baht. If not, try to bargain. You won’t regret it.

freshly made kanom krocNow I happen to prefer the ones with pieces of chive in them, but other variations abound. Pieces of corn show up in these from time to time as well. I suppose you could put just about anything in there that has a firm texture.

Just remember when you buy these on the street: they’re like pizza in that there is no substitute for hot. If the ones on display aren’t fresh off the cooking plate, ask for the new batch. It’ll only take a few minutes at the most, and for your patience you will be rewarded with a super treat.

vendor cooking quail eggs in kanom crok hot plateQuail eggs are often cooked in this same equipment. The vendor shown here is cooking these eggs in her kanom crok hot plate. Tastes totally different of course; it’s a sunny side up fried egg, but has that same cute little shape and seems to be pretty popular.

To make, just pour a flour mixture into the already heated kanom crok plate. That’ll end up making our nice golden brown outside like a tiny pancake.

Then pour sweetened coconut mixture to fill it up the rest of the way. Cover it up and let it cook for a few minutes and they’re ready to eat! Oh yeah, don’t foget your spring onions, or topping of choice.

fancy version of kanom crokOf course there are those who just need to make fancy things from time to time. The simple coconut ones are awesome, but people always want more right? These little babies can have almost any kind of cool topping. Not sure who buys them, but they look nice.

How long has it been since you tried these?

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