Plastic bags

Written by mdw on December 29th, 2010

trashWhy do people use so many plastic bags?

Every street vendor has a huge number of plastic bags with them. If I purchase something, and my large bag is full with smaller bags already, I can ask the vendor for a large bag so I can carry only a single, overstuffed bag.

We’re not talking super thin, biodegradeable bags here either. These are thick colored plastic bags – the kind that fill landfills and choke sea life. Everyone carries them. Big plastic bags, filled with smaller plastic bags!

And it’s not just limited to plastic bags. This is not China, yet there is a tangible disregard for the environment.

Soda cans are made of thick metal, like cans in decades past were in Western countries. Littering seems to be socially acceptable, with the sides of streets covered in debris.

Thailand is such a beautiful country I cannot understand why Thai people don’t care more about preserving that beauty. People of Thailand, as the American advertising character said years ago, “Give a hoot, don’t pollute!”

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