Squid mania

Written by mdw on January 3rd, 2011

Why is squid so popular?

grilled squid (where's my beer?)Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with squid. I’m neither a squid lover or a squid hater, but I just don’t get why this creature is such a huge hit in Thailand!

Most westerners encounter squid in Italian cuisine, cut in strips and served as calamari. Squid ink is popular in some pasta dishes and risotto as well. But Italians don’t love squid the way Thais do.

I’m sure legislation was considered at some point requiring every public event to take steps to include grilled squid vendors. Makes sense in coastal towns and in Bangkok. But even in the mountains of Mae Hongson you can find vendors selling grilled squid!

I’m not sure what brave souls eat grilled squid up in the mountainous Northwest, but apparently their squid is hardy enough to survive the trek from Burmese ports up into the remote hillside villages.

Thailand does food better than any country I’ve been to, with the possible exception of Italy. So why do huge crowds indulge in massive amounts of grilled squid and beer? It’s not like there aren’t choices out there.

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