Written by mdw on January 14th, 2011

stray dogs in ThailandThais are predominantly Buddhist. There are tiny minorities of Christians and Muslims and 3 or 4 Jews. Buddhism is part of the Thai culture.

So naturally Thais do not kill as much as people in most parts of the world. Sure, killing animals to eat happens as much here as anywhere. But unnecessary killing is unusual. This sounds great, but leads to problems that perplex Westerners.

Stray dogs is the issue that comes immediately to mind. Step out of a car on some streets and you’ll see a few stray dogs eyeing you right away, Thais have become accustomed to this, but it’s just plain scary for farang. Obviously an aggressive effort to significantly reduce the populations of stray dogs and cats is culturally unappealing, even if they become a blatant hazard.

Same could be said of mosquitoes. There are relatively very few pest control companies in Thailand. Their bites do not hurt as much as dogs but they do carry diseases and therefore constitute a significant health risk as well. We tend to forget about the threat mosquitoes pose, because we have relatively few in Western countries. They’re more than a simple nuisance, but Thais do not want to kill them if they can be shooed away.

The solution – authority for public animal control and public spraying to control mosquitoes should be held by foreigners. Let’s take a bite out of Thai pests!

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