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Plearn Wan

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Plearn Wan

kanom wanPlearn Wan is a shopping area masquerading as a theme park in Hua Hin. Mostly there are people taking zillions of photos, because the retro decor has plenty of old-time picture taking venues at every turn. The place was setup with that in mind.

But the other main activity is eating. Or should I say snacking? Most of the food there has names starting with "kanom" although there are a few restaurants serving actual meals. We ate kang kiew wan, namprik pla tu and more. All passable, but nothing really noteworthy.

naprik storeThis place is perfect for young Thai facebookers who want to post pictures with their friends. I think Plearn Wan was the inspiration for Palio being built. Palio is a bit bigger but is similarly filled with picture taking young Thais posing in all the places provided by the theme creators.

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