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Street Show at Lumpini

Monday, December 13th, 2010

main entrance to Lumpini ParkEach year there is a huge street show held in Lumpini Park, called the International Street Show. This is the first year I’ve gone for some reason, but I think it’s well worth the price of admission – free.

On saturday there were well over ten thousand people there. Lumpini is a pretty large place, and the exhibits/performers were spread out throughout the park, so it can hold huge numbers of people.

This event highlights what a wonderful place Lumpini Park really is. I can’t think of another place that is as perfect for this sort of event as Lumpini, although my second choice would be Suan Lum night Bazaar.

full crowd sceneUsually I think of Lumpini as a quiet, thoughtful place with joggers, Tai Chi, and people just relaxing. To my mind it’s NY Central Park with monitor lizards instead of muggers. Only it’s more convenient, with two MRT stations and a BTS station nearby, you really can get here from anywhere.

One thing that was really nice was that they kept vendors outside the park area. They were permitted at the entrances only, which made for a better experience. Of course the official sponsors like Chang Beer and Fuji Sushi were allowed to sell their products inside, but having only a handful of vendors inside the gates helped out a lot.

Outside were all the great food and drink vendors you’d imagine too. Ice cream on bread, grilled squid, roti, flavored ices, grilled pork and so much more. I had a taro ice cream, which I thoroughly enjoyed. There was a vendor selling sushi just outside the main entrance as well, but I didn’t try any.