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Ordering way too much food

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

loads of delicious Thai foodWhy do Thais insist on ordering too much food, and then goading people into eating it?

There’s a universal pride in the cuisine in this culture, and deservedly so. And anyone who’s been to Thailand knows that celebrating the abundance of food and goodwill is inevitable.

But Thais really seem to overdo culinary celebration. My friends order too much food on the first round, wait until everyone has overeaten, then order more. Guests are routinely singled out for this uber-hospitality. And to be extra sure, snacks are procured on the street after the meal has concluded.

The food is great, mostly low fat and typically includes fruits and vegetables. That’s especially true if you eat the traditional fare, like veggies and namprik, or noodles on the street, or yum.

But big get-togethers, whether family or friends, calls for big food ordering. Nobody leaves hungry, or the cook should be fired!

And yet, even if you stay in Thailand for months, overeating the entire time, it’s easy to avoid putting on weight. Just stay away from western foods, like pizza and doughnuts.

So pack it in, and just say kob khun when offered yet another serving of som tam. You can walk it off and your waistline will remain the same.